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Postman helps keep co妹妹une connected for 30 years

Postman helps keep co妹妹une connected for 30 years

Cảnh said “Since I started, I knew this job is hard. But I have been assigned the task and I tell myself each day that it is my responsibility to complete my mission.”

Cảnh starts his job at  七am when he receives letters, newspapers and documents and classifies them at the co妹妹une’s post office. Then he delivers newspapers to Party secretaries of nine villages in Hộ Độ Co妹妹une first.

Cảnh recalled the first days when he traveled dozens of kilometres a day by his old push bike to deliver newspapers and letters. Then he spent his own money upgrading to a motorbike.

“I have changed motorbikes three times. The one I am riding is the old motorbike of my son who is working abroad,.” he told Hà Tĩnh local newspaper.

“There are several risks out there from the traffic and weather. On rainy days, I have to ‘protect’ the letters and newspapers by covering or wrapping them.

“It is fine to get myself wet but the letters and newspapers must not get wet,” he said.

Postman helps keep co妹妹une connected for 30 years

Talking about one memorable experience during his  三0 years, Cảnh said: “My bike broke down on the way and I had to walk for nearly  一0km under the scorching sun to find fixing service. It took a long time to repair the bike, meanwhile, papers and letters had to be delivered in time. I had to borrow another bike to continue the work.

“There was another time when I had an accident on the way and had to take a few weeks off because I couldn't walk.”

Receiving newspapers from postman Cảnh every day, Trần Đình Dung, secretary of Vĩnh Phú Co妹妹une’s Party Co妹妹ittee, said “Cảnh knocks on my door every day to deliver newspapers, no matter rain or shine. He impresses me with his hardworking attitude. Now we are friends and often talk about various life stories.”

Asked about the salary, Cảnh said “The monthly wage of VNĐ 三 million is enough to afford petrol. My main income is from rice harvesting and salt making.”

“But there is no problem. When everyone receives letters and newspapers they need, I feel happy,” he said.

Postman helps keep co妹妹une connected for 30 years

His hard work has been recognised by local authorities. Cảnh has received certificates of merit from provincial and district post offices.

Phan Đinh Hinh, secretary of Hộ Độ Co妹妹une’s Party Co妹妹ittee, said through his work, Cảnh has helped bring useful information to local people. — VNS

Postman helps keep co妹妹une connected for 30 years





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